Invest in your future

Investments can be a scary thing, I mean, it requires a commitment and the only thing I had been committed to before is getting my next fix. Ironically enough there wasn’t much of a future to invest in. But it’s never too late to turn that train around. You are worth as much as you believe you are.

I started off simple, with a higher education. While it is not for everyone, don’t let the money scare you away. There are avenues that can reduce or in some cases eliminate your tuition. I paid for my school using the GI bill which I got through my service in the military. This of course was not enough to completely pay for it, so I got a Pell grant.

Pell grants are applied for and awarded through the school. It is a federal program that helps people pay for their education. These are not loans, you do not pay them back, and they are pretty simple to get with help from your schools financial advisor. Now they do have criteria to keep them, if your GPA drops below a certain percentage, they will not give you a grant for the remaining education until you get your grades back up. Don’t let that scare you away though, at the end of the day there is very little (if any) risk.

Another way I have recently started investing in myself, is through the stock market. This once again is not for everyone, however, there are apps today that make it easy for everyone. Now, this in no way should be taken as financial advise, I am not qualified to give that. It is simply an avenue that is worth looking into, do your own research though, do what is best for you. That being said, I am doing what I normally don’t do, and posting a link for my brokerage app. They are free to download, free to join. They will even give you a free share of stock, it won’t make you rich but it is a start.

Investing in your future

Above is my link to join Webull, it is the broker I use, I have used them to put 10 percent of my wages into stocks, it can be a gamble, but I have yet to lose any more than a day in Vegas. In fact I am up slightly, which I will never be able to say about Vegas.

Once again, the stock market is not for everyone, and please do your own research on this. If you do decide to follow this avenue please do so by following my link, it will give us both a free share of stock. I don’t normally post links like this, but if you do decide to follow it, we can both gain.

Thanks for the read, and best wishes to you all.