Be accepting

This one goes out to those of you who are watching a loved one struggle with addiction. We have all said it a ton of times, don’t judge a person because we don’t know what they have been through. That is easier said than done, especially when we have been hurt, lied to, betrayed so many times, but it is necessary for recovery. Don’t enable their addiction, simply understand it.

While I believe that interventions have their place, I also believe that if you are not careful they can do more harm than good. Let me be up front in saying that I have never sat in front of a panel of friends and family telling me I need to fix my life, I can say I have sat in front of plenty of individuals who wanted the best for me telling me the same things. Here is the problem I see (at least in my own situation), an addict is not in their right state of mind.

I began my addiction looking for somebody to accept me for who I was, I never found that so I started doing the things that the “cool” kids were doing, and it got me their acceptance. Your beloved addicts want to be accepted, and in their depressed state when you tell them that they are destroying their life, they are more than likely hearing how they screwed up again. Love them, they already know they need help, be there to pick them up when they relapse. They are probably in this mess because they at some point did not feel loved, and that is a tough wall to break down.

I have mentioned already how much my parents had done for me in my recovery, what I have not mentioned though is how they never mentioned my meth addiction. They knew I had it, and they would advise me to stop drinking, but for whatever reason when I was on meth, they never brought it up. I believe that if they had told me once again how I needed to fix myself, I probably would have never got clean.

At the end if the day your addict is still a good person, they care, they made a bad choice that is consuming their mind, what they need is to know that you still love them despite their problem. They need to know that you don’t condone their actions, but you understand where they are. If you don’t understand, you will get a lot further with them if you try to see them the way Christ would.

Reward yourself

Just in case your health and sanity are not reason enough to get clean, buy yourself something nice. Add up how much money you are spending on drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. whatever your vice is. You might be surprised how much you are spending, this in itself should make you consider quitting.

You can save a lot of money by quitting addiction

I used to smoke a pack a day, and drink pretty close to a twelve pack a night, I would buy a thirty pack about every three days. That is approximately one hundred and ten dollars a week. Break that down to four hundred a month, five thousand a year. To put this into perspective, you can buy a cheaper car after a year, or afford a small house payment in some areas.

I am not here trying to be a financial advisor, this is not financial advice, I am nowhere near qualified for that, this is simply something to help you understand and recognize how fast your money can disappear to an addiction. The point I am trying to get across here is, when you live in addiction you are sacrificing other things that I am betting you would rather have. Are you a gamer? Maybe you would like a new ps5, two months sobriety and its yours. You enjoy fishing? A month and you can have some top of the line gear. Do the math and decide what you want. I would wager you don’t really want the addiction anyway, trade it in for what you do want.

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