Find support

Addiction is not an easy thing to beat, if it were there would be no need for me to write any of this. Take pride in your achievements, it is something to be praised. We are all human beings, we seem to need validation, even if we say we don’t, deep down we know we do. Support from our peers motivates us to keep going, we want to make them proud, their disappointment crushes us and we never want to feel that way, so we do our best to make them proud.

On the other hand, if your friends are taking drugs and/or alcohol, they are not really productive for your recovery. These are the friends that will leave you with the choice, them or recovery. As long as your support is supporting your drinking, it will be almost impossible to recover. Surround yourself with the people that will support your recovery, these are the people that want what is best for you.

Support can come in many forms. Family and friends are common places to find support

You might just be surprised at who is supportive of your decision to recover. I had 2 types of friends, the ones who were not supportive, these were the ones who kept trying to get me to have a drink with them, as if I was somehow not cool unless I would poison myself for their entertainment. I also had the friends that accepted my decision, these friends just quit coming around. I still associate with them from time to time, but at the end of the day my values were no longer in line with theirs. This was not a bad thing, I would still be happy to help any of them out, we simply have a different crowd now.

Meetings are a great way to find other people with similar goals as you, the people you will find in these meetings know your struggles, they will understand the pain and disappointment of a relapse, and they want to share in your success. The tung here is that you probably can’t do it alone, and you really shouldn’t have to. It is easy to start thinking that nobody cares, especially in today’s society, but if you will slow down, and find the people that have been through what you are going through, I think you will find that together you can find the strength you need to overcome.

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