Get a hobby

A big part of my ability to conquer my addictions was finding something to take my mind off them. Mine started with doing things that I used to do before I became an addict. Hunting and fishing were great hobbies, but not a practical hobby to do every day. I bought a sawmill that was partially completed and finished welding it up. And then I started milling lumber. Some of it I sell locally, and some of it I use for my own projects. This is where the name tattooed timber comes from.

As I started making a little money with my hobby, I expanded it. When I would sell some local hardwoods, I would take the money to an exotic wood supplier and turn it into exotic woods. These I would use to make smaller items to be sold, for instance I love making cutting boards, it is always fun to see what you can come up with.

Cutting boards I have made from mostly exotic wood

The point here is that drugs and alcohol tend to pull us away from the things we enjoy, I have seen it time and time again. One day we are enjoying ourselves camping and fishing every weekend, then we start slipping to once a month, twice a year, and before you realize it you can’t remember the last time you went. You would like to go, but you can’t seem to find the ambition anymore. Once you kick the addiction, find that ambition again. It can take years to get back to your true self, but when you do, don’t slow down.

Try something new, I spent a little time working with epoxy resin, it is an expensive hobby, so naturally I was hesitant, I wound up building my coffee table, which was probably my favorite project. I had high hopes of selling it, but quickly found out that even though they are very popular, I couldn’t get my money back out of it, so I kept it for myself. Don’t get down if you are making something for profit and you can’t sell it, after all the important thing is having fun. I simply build what I want, and what would make good gifts. That way if I can’t sell it, at least I can give it away or use it myself.

Getting a hobby is a great way to get your mind off the addictions, the money spent on building a hobby (in most cases) is well spent, my hobbies were mostly funded by money saved from not drinking, or doing drugs.and in the end you will feel much better.

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