Realize you’re not happy

They say the first step in beating a problem is to admit you have one, this is true. I believe that this is made true by the idea that if a person does not want to change, then they will not change. However a person that truly desires change will stop at nothing to get change.

My change came in the form of hidden blessings from Gods grace. There was a series of events that happened, which led to me getting clean (there were relapses). First I won the lottery, it was a relatively small amount, but it afforded me a mobile home in a different city. So my family moved.

I wasn’t drug free yet, not even close. My body was suffering severe withdrawals, and my mind was going crazy. I wound up turning into a severe alcoholic, drinking and smoking marijuana from the time I woke up to the time I went to sleep. This just created a different chaos for me and my family. I might as well have been a vegetable. I was throwing my life away a drink at a time, I couldn’t hold a job very long, and I was living on food stamps.

If all of this wasn’t enough, I had created a toxicity in my family and blamed my family. I started being unfaithful to my wife, I had truly fallen into a pit of dispaire. God gave me another chance to straighten out once again. CPS came and took our children, we spent the next few weeks working on getting them back, which we were able to do, but I still did not put down the bottle, even at the risk of losing my children again, I continued to drink.

We were eventually in a round about way forced to move out of the state, and back to my home town. This eventually led to my divorce, and I continued to drink away my life. And finally my new girlfriend decided she wanted more out of life. She asked me about religion. I advised her to read all the literature and go to some meetings, and then determine which one she felt right about, because I did not want to be the face of bias. This is where my eventual success starts. With a little faith.

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