What I turned into

I spent the next eight or ten years addicted to meth. I could not function without it, I spent more time in my day looking for or using that it is surprising I got anything done.

I lost all trust with my family, and I began to hate. I began treating my family like some kind of an inconvenience, I couldn’t hold a job, and I began to think the world was out to get me. There was one instance I remember, I hadn’t slept in so long that I seen an individual on their cellphone while driving (on the freeway), I was convinced they were reporting me to the police for being high, and I seriously debated driving them off the road.

The point I am making here is that meth is a pure evil drug, and the person it turns you into is insane to say the least. There are moments of clarity though, and these are the moments when you have to make a decision to take your life back, and when you do, don’t look back.

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