My first experience

I spent many years drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana, if you would like my story on those years and how I feel they led to my addiction send me an email. For the purpose of this blog I am jumping right to the start of my addiction to crystal meth.

I was about twenty-two years old, fresh out of the military and really just starting my life away from my comfort zone of the town I grew up in. I had moved out of state, and taken a job in the construction sector. One day I was out drinking with a few friends from work and got quite intoxicated, and it grew time for me to go home (I had a wife and three kids at the time). One of my friends offered me some meth, telling me it would sober me up so I could get home. From that moment on, for the next nine or ten years, I was a slave to the drug.

Jump back six years, to my first time drinking, and my first time smoking marijuana, where I was hooked to a party lifestyle. None of that even slightly compared to the addiction to meth. Fast forward to now, I have recently kicked a twenty-five year tobacco addiction, I would happily reclaim that before I even thought about touching meth again. Meth is a type of addiction that is unlike any I have ever experienced (and I have had quite a few, shy of heroin).

Back to twenty-two, I smoked the drug for the first time, after that my life was a bit foggy for the next nine or ten years, but what I can tell you is that the first time I smoked meth, it felt almost euphoric. My body and mind never felt better, don’t think for a moment that this was at all worth it. I spent the next ten (or so) years trying to get that feeling again, but what happened I would have never thought imaginable. Every time I would touch the stuff, I would feel worse and worse. the comedown makes you so nauseated that you can’t eat, when your high you can’t eat because you just don’t feel like it. Eventually your body begins eating itself (so to speak) starting with the muscles. and that is just the beginning of the monster it creates, but that is a story to start with next time.

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